Everything you need to know when planning a summer wedding


Everything you need to know when planning a summer wedding

With airy, pastel-coloured wedding dresses, warm temperatures, light evenings and vibrant bridal bouquets, it’s understandable why the summer remains the most popular season for couples to tie the knot. If you are planning a summer wedding then as we race towards the warmer months, no doubt your wedding preparations are in full swing. To give you a helping hand, have a read of the following insight on everything you’ll need to know when planning a summer wedding.


Keeping cool

Whilst you’ll naturally want the weather to be fine and sunny on your summer wedding, too much heat can create a number of problems. To help keep the bride’s makeup from running under the heat, or guests becoming dehydrated, you’ll need to be prepared for the hot weather.

There are a number of ways you can stave off uncomfortable heat at a summer wedding.

Provide shade

Providing shade can be a godsend at an outdoor wedding in the summer. Whether it’s a marquee in the garden or the boughs of a palm tree at a beach wedding, having a shaded spot for the bride and groom and their guests to shelter from the heat can be a vital component of a summer wedding.


Air-conditioning units can be rented out giving you access to cool air in virtually any location and can even be used outdoors.

If having air-conditioning units blighting the wedding vista doesn’t fill you with enthusiasm, you could always opt for other, less obtrusive cooling devices to help cool down the wedding party, such as handheld battery-operated fans.

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