Creative, artistic and innovative, The Snapshot Cafe is reinventing a wholly modern approach to imagery. Under the vision of the founders Tina & Edward, the studio has redefined photography and videography service, further reinforcing its position as one of the London most desirable studios. Contemporary, romantic, eclectic – The Snapshot Cafe produces exquisite result with great quality and attention to detail.

The Snapshot Cafe believes that your events, beauty and emotions should be recorded in the way which is true to themselves, but not losing creativity and artistic moods and are able to keep the day alive throughout generations. Established in London in 2013, The Snapshot Cafe have gained the knowledge to serve clients from different cultures – British, Oriental, Asian, African and Middle Eastern, in their engagements, weddings and different life events. The Snapshot Cafe also does portraits and travel photos, as well as fashion and product promotion campaigns.

Clients receive bespoke image design service in a wide range of ways, including image consultation, hair and make up, gowns and accessories hire and design, as well as picture albums, photo books, canvas and framed picture sets printing. The Snapshot Cafe aims to pamper every client with 5-star service.

Ertug & Tina Wedding2

The Snapshot Cafe 著重創意,藝術性和創新性。創始人Tina和Edward重新定義了5星級攝影和錄像服務,鞏固了The Snapshot Cafe為倫敦最令人嚮往的影樓之一的地位。現代與浪漫是我們的風格,我們認為你的美和情感應被真實記錄而不失創意和藝術意境。於2013年在倫敦成立,我們為不同文化背景的客戶提供服務, 包括英國,東亞, 非洲和中東。為客人拍攝婚紗相, 記錄婚禮和不同的人生大事。我們也拍攝人像和旅行照片,以及參與時尚產品推廣。我們的目標是讓每一個客人都得到五星級的服務: 包括形象設計,髮型和化妝,婚紗禮服和配件租借和設計,以及產品印製。